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iMHS - Interactive Managed Hosted Services

iMHS & iMHS+

Do you need WebRTC and integrated video cloud managed services?  By connecting team members with intuitive video conference, broadcast, collaboration and communications NETSTAIRS is the WebRTC video choice provider.

Interactive Managed Hosted Solutions

Our mission is to enable rich, high-quality RTC platforms to be developed for the browser, mobile platforms, and IoT devices, and allow them all to communicate via a common set of protocols. The future is Real-Time Communications.  NETSTAIRS provides ROI or cost cutting driven best interactive WebRTC and video integration.

Prepaid pay-as-you-go or managed service agreement

When you retain NETSTAIRS as your consultant, we become your Real-Time Video extension.  Choose prepaid pay-as-you-go plan and buy time.  Alternatively, obtain monthly and or annual service contract. Our unwavering service plans comes inclusively with our innovative solutions exceeding your expectations.

iMHS + build a Real-Time Communications department.

Do you have an interactive department? Let NETSTAIRS build and manage your interactive department. NETSTAIRS WebRTC offers platform-as-a-Service with the ability to integrate rich, real time multimedia applications (think video chat) on the web, without requiring plugins, downloads or installs. Designed to to help build a strong RTC platform that works across multiple web browsers, across multiple platforms.  For a free initial consultation, contact NETSTAIRS.

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