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NETSTAIRS - Revolutionizing Digital Economy in Real-Time.

October 12, 2020

A company with an experience of over 2 decades and with excellent online Video-First Strategies, NETSTAIRS has earned a
global name. It manufactures Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for “Real-Time Digital Economy”. It offers an ecosystem with
interactive broadcasting, collaboration and communication (iBCC-PaaS), VPV to meet the need of its clients. The fourth
generation time tested mesh enabled WebRTC and HTML5 private cloud service of NETSTAIRS, PIXEL is an intelligent media
and video streaming platform.

ZIMZIM is an infrastructure based on Selective Forward Unit (SFU) of NETSTAIRS that has been highly optimized to function for
5G services. Its videos are being streamed out for both desktop and mobile secured cloud group web conferencing.
Another video platform called LETSCAST.VIDEO shows articial intelligence to be functional on one player per viewer. Any sort
of scheduled event, own selected channels network, live streaming and such other volume chat promoting contents can be
setup by publishers working with NETSTAIRS with all protected rights.

iCDN.VIDEO allows users to experience a sorted out interactive content delivery networks (iCDN), connected to the leading CDN
providers with multiple building players. The DMR or Digital Media Room platforms come with built-in intelligent media
streaming with advanced conguration. Group Video Conferencing go in live with meetings and events that are copy-paste
embeddable. This makes sharing of content ideal and easier with better team collaboration and communication. Thus,
NETSTAIRS provides its users either with consulting (Know-How), Technology (iBCC-PaaS), and or both.

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