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NetStairs Releases Social Networking Live (SNL) 2.0

April 22, 2013

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – (Press Release) – (April 22, 2013) –®, Inc., the intelligent social media platform enabler℠, announced today the release of its latest innovative interactive social media digital broadcast core technology called SNL 2.0.

While today’s users signing up with multiple sites obtaining various interactive services, NetStairs’ Social Networking Live (SNL) platform is packed with features and capabilities that brings them all together. The all-in-one SNL 2.0 offers a diverse range of interactive functionalities carrying all unified communications (under one single screen) with unmatched ease of use, security and convenience.

With no software to download, “SNL Direct 1Link” offers one of the easiest single point of entry methods where the audience is able to join virtually and enjoy a live show, watch a movie with loved ones, join a sporting event with buddies or just a social video chat. Guests may be invited anytime, anywhere. SNL 2.0 empowers audience with texting their own friends, family and fans vide 300+ Social Media sites including Facebook and Twitter. Guests in the room are able to send simultaneous text chats posted on both Twitter and Facebook while chatting live with the public and private live audience members. SNL 2.0 automatically includes the Direct 1Link along with each text chats so the followers, friends and fans (3F) are able to easily join interactively in real-time. All interactive virtual venues are hosted and controlled by an assigned moderator(s) who are the “events” official hosts.

Additionally, SNL 2.0 empowers broadcasters with the ability to converge an instance of time into an interactive social media live broadcast event. Utilizing all-inclusive broadcasting tools under the moderator’s control, SNL 2.0 allows live studio supplied feed (encoder) and broadcast content to be aired from any virtual venue with ease and seamless delivery. While SNL 2.0 has been integrated with leading content delivery networks (CDN), it supports direct CDN URL links. Compared with stand-alone services, SNL 2.0 is filled with variety of intelligent and ergonomic work flows. SNL 2.0 is designed to manage diverse broadcasters’ needs in real-time, near real-time, live and pre-recorded broadcast, promoting brands, while simplifying user’s complex connectivity needs associated with many-to-many and face-to-face experiences – under full control.

Moreover, the SNL intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop and pull down menus coupled with a comprehensive CMS (content management system) allows broadcasters and audience to engage and deliver live and or on-demand video streaming including presentations. SNL 2.0 converges YouTube content during any interactive session into a broadcast feed serving to live audience. Furthermore, broadcasters may utilize built-in features such as call to action (CTA) in order to inspire online purchase, form filling, surveys, giveaway prizes, bids and other event related target audience CTA designed for sponsors. SNL 2.0 diverse and superior advanced technologies although not found in most al-a-cart sites such as Skype, Google+ video chat, GoToMeeting webinar, WebEx webcast, UStream, Live Stream, Facebook, Twitter and other file share sites, it seamlessly and securely helps strategic partners and their clients to control and manage own virtual venues.

SNL 2.0 started as a brainchild of NetStairs initially was introduced as “Interactive Themes” in 2007-08. The first generation of core system manifested in a board room video conference settings known as VBR (virtual board room). With the SNL 2.0 release, it has truly transformed to deliver an accumulation of unprecedented diverse interactive experiences blended with a wide variety of human use serving sundry of work flow settings. SNL 2.0 helps clients to obtain virtual venues suitable to own size and likings without the expense of over or under capacity.

For many of NetStairs’ strategic partners around the globe, SNL 2.0 has replaced the older version and now the members could enjoy the latest new features. With innate drag-and-drop and pull down easy-to-use menus, mastering SNL 2.0 is intuitive. While some of NetStairs clients’ have applied SNL 2.0 as a middleware into own platforms, they now serve their niche markets with interactive “anytime anywhere” and online value-added services.

SNL 2.0 is designed to serve an assortment of interactive virtual venues supporting a multitude of circumstances commonly found in building, leasing or renting virtual venues regardless of size and use. SNL 2.0 brings built-in features such as many-to-many video conferencing, event webcasting, presentation webinars, live and on-demand streaming and more. SNL 2.0 is targeted to serve Telecom, Mobile, Cable, DTH, Broadcasters, Content Producers, Social Media and SME subscribers with specific focus on creative themes and monetization.

For example, NetStairs European partners recently introduced world’s first virtual Game of Fame TV interactive game show made for TV networks, while U.S. partners created first Sports Trivia Interactive game followed by introduction of world’s first interactive concert and web series. SNL 2.0 core technologies brought new and ground breaking features delivering unequalled integrated capabilities to the No 1 TV shows like “Voice of Holland” helping its partners to serve the broadcaster with 10M viewers, show producers, and live interactive audience enjoy a new dimension in real time TV converging social media broadcasting and TV rating beyond today’s “me too” sites. SNL 2.0 is also adapted for vertical industry use such as medical, legal interactive services, financial market, public and public relation companies, and others.

SNL 2.0 is in a class of “Operating Platform”s [OP] by itself and sets itself apart by many today’s standards. Under its hood, starting from ground up with years of multimedia development experience and focus on intelligent media algorithm development, we employed low cost, low powered 512Kbps uplink and downlink delivering interactive content even to most remote areas below traditional 64Kbps modems. Amongst many other engineering marvels we achieved, one of the other important element was the art of optimum visual display management (with no download apps) where one could immediately immerse into SNL 2.0 experience with minimum privacy intrusion. Audience with first encounter will enjoy a long lasting visual impression followed by listening to crisp audio and multi-video broadcasting – delivering HD live or on-demand streaming* (HD is optional) wrapped by automatic roll over to live streaming connected to worlds’ largest CDN.

SNL 2.0 is founded on art, science and technology. It empowers platform licensees to provide multi venues of income stream and monetization models including ad sponsorship and new time matrix branding. SNL best practices are currently found into a variety of platforms and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications globally:


Media & Entertainment and
Small Medium Enterprise and
Financial Market and
Event Broadcasting Management
Legal Market
Investment Banking – Virtual Road Show
Coming Soon India iSocialTV


SNL 2.0 technology has gained an immense benefit from 13+ years of NetStairs online media experience while working with leading global brands worldwide. With applied best practices, SNL 2.0 platforms now provide clients’ members and brands with real-time campaign driven experiences ranged from production to multi digital virtual venues complementing their mobile, online, social media, Facebook and Twitter use. SNL applied working practices enables SNL 2.0 to offer multitude of new income streams with proper utilization of business practices, best case use thus delivering a real “interactive” social media digital broadcast virtual venue. We call it SNL 2.0.


NetStairs® develops, builds and licenses “Intelligent Social Media Delivery Platforms”. The company has pioneered and delivers world class digital social media infrastructures and platforms serving global brands. From our inception, we have combined science, art and technology into a showcase of solutions founded on our intelligent media delivery algorithms with a focus on interactive, live, on demand, streaming, download, and podcast protocols. In March 2000, we started with our Cybermercial® video email followed by pioneering iV8® – the world’s first intelligent media middleware delivery system. Since 2007, we have pioneered innovation of “interactive” themes in a variety of secured, reliable and scalable settings meeting various clients’ size and budgets. Today, NetStairs offers an array of cloud or interactive Managed Hosted Solutions (MHS) known as iMHS and iMHS+. We deliver IaaS and PaaS while working with developers on SaaS model. All platforms are wrapped with CMS agnostic WEB 2.0 / 3.0 sought solutions and built on scalable and optional CDN serving mass digital media market.

NetStairs team of highly specialized core engineers, software engineers, programmers, creative, and 3D designers, has delivered a wide array of turnkey projects. Globally, we serve telecom, cable, DTH, TV stations, Network broadcasters, ad agencies, brand managers, publishers and content producers, event planners, and SME enterprises.

March 2013 marked NetStairs’® 13th anniversary. As an intelligent media delivery enabler™ with the collaboration of our technology partners such as Akamai®, Adobe®, Limelight Networks®, Microsoft®, Apple®, Real®, Google®, and other tier 1 cloud and data center suppliers, we empower our clients with the most seamless custom tailored on-stop-shop turnkey projects. As a boutique firm with a creative vision and a proven track record, we back our claims with a history of deliverables. To learn more about NetStairs, visit .

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements which are not historical facts contained in this press release are forward looking statements that involve certain risks and uncertainties including but not limited to risks associated with the uncertainty of future financial results, additional financing requirements, development of new products, government approval processes, the impact of competitive products or pricing, technological changes, the effect of economic conditions and other uncertainties detailed in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.