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NetStairs Introduces Cost Per Time (CPT) Interactive Social Media Advertising.

September 5, 2013

NetStairs unveils its Patent Pending CPT Interactive Loyalty Card.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – (Press Release) – (May 21, 2013) –®, Inc., the intelligent social media platform enabler℠, announced today the release of its new Cost Per Time (CPT) digital billboard ad display matrix for its Social Networking Live (SNL 2.0).

“TIME is the most universal and effective way to measure ad units. While there are many compelling reasons that Cost per thousand Impression (CPM) has a widespread use, it has flaws. NetStairs believes Cost per Time (CPT) has a far greater impact and delivers a better degree of branding over a course of time. With the release of SNL 2.0 and in association with NetStairs Platform Technology Licensors (PTL), Multi-System Operators (MSO) and Authorized Strategic Partners, promotional advertisers are now able to enjoy SNL CPT virtual venues with Guaranteed Ad View Face Time”, said A. Moradi, CEO who has recently filed an application for patent.

IT Law Wikia describes CPT: “Cost per Time refers to a form of Internet advertising, where the buyer pays for an advertisement to be placed on a website for a set amount of time”. NetStairs SNL 2.0 is the structured bridge that connects a captivated loyal targeted audience with time branded digital display ads”, he continued.

Additionally, while social media sites are transforming their ad monetization from traditional CPM into “captive audience” or finding ways to enhance users’ “engagement” the most recent surveys published by (April 25th 2013) outlined that “Social Media a Bust for Small Businesses”. It further quotes: “Most small businesses feel like they are wasting their time on social media, according to a new survey. Yet, many say they’ve increased their time spent on social media, and only 7% have decreased their time”. Full Story or direct link:

NetStairs’ SNL CPT first roll out begins with the launch of its “Interactive Loyalty Card”. Promotional advertising models known as “Loyalty Programs” have been around for decades. Many brands have approved budgets and reward loyalty which are already in use. NetStairs “Interactive Loyalty Card” promotes digital billboard ad-view display with guaranteed face time.

Bridging promo with online advertising founded on industry’s best practices will transport captive non-intrusive ad-time into an interactive experience. Engaging loyal customers is the strongest source of referral through NetStairs digital interactive social media venues harmonizing relevance, frequency and branding with face time. In the near future, NetStairs plans to announce other interactive and innovative CPT plans.

While CPT could be a complement to CPM, brands may affordably experiment “Interactive Social Media Loyalty Card” with guaranteed Ad-View Face-Time. Each loyalty card is comprised of complementary 120 minutes of use for personal and or business consumption. SNL CPT Interactive Loyalty Card morphs into a Digital Media Room (DMR) where sponsored billboard ad during each use session is seen by engaged viewers. In exchange, loyal customers will subliminally introduce sponsored brand in its most natural and subtle way to families, friends, fans, and colleagues.

Prior pilot studies during early phases demonstrated SNL CPT actually helped to motivate purchase. The use of DMR had reinvigorated loyal customers’ social media circle to essentially spend time, purchase and join brand’s loyalty program. Earlier studies also indicated CPT Ad-View Face-Time had a greater influence with more impact on viral marketing stemming from brand’s strongest source – loyal customer.

SNL CPT provides the most accurate guaranteed Ad-View Face-Time without violation of privacy or being intrusive. Upon completion of use campaign, SNL reporting will inform advertisers with details on who, when and where and how long loyal “TIME” was spent. Compared with any other form of traditional, online and or on-air advertising, SNL CPT’s cost is fractional.

SNL CPT introductory suggested retail price-tag starts from $990. For a limited time while supplies last, 12,000 guaranteed minutes of Ad-View Face Time will be offered at $99 (.008 CPT). In Europe and Asia similar currency related € 99 campaigns SNL CPT will be launched simultaneously. While volume purchase makes SNL CPT more attractive, startup kit comes with 100 interactive loyalty cards and 120 minutes designated use for each DMR.

To learn more about CPT and Interactive Loyalty Card, contact [email protected]

For a complementary sample card, webinar while experiencing SNL CPT Technology in action, please register:

To request a live demo:


NetStairs® develops, builds and licenses “Intelligent Social Media Delivery Platforms”. The company has pioneered and delivers world class digital social media infrastructures and platforms serving global brands. From our inception, we have combined science, art and technology into a showcase of solutions founded on our intelligent media delivery algorithms with a focus on interactive, live, on demand, streaming, download, and podcast protocols. In March 2000, we started with our Cybermercial® video email followed by pioneering iV8® – the world’s first intelligent media middleware delivery system. Since 2007, we have pioneered innovation of “interactive” themes in a variety of secured, reliable and scalable settings meeting various clients’ size and budgets. Today, NetStairs offers an array of cloud or interactive Managed Hosted Solutions (MHS) known as iMHS and iMHS+. We deliver IaaS and PaaS while working with developers on SaaS model. All platforms are wrapped with CMS agnostic WEB 2.0 / 3.0 sought solutions and built on scalable and optional CDN serving mass digital media market.

NetStairs team of highly specialized core engineers, software engineers, programmers, creative, and 3D designers, has delivered a wide array of turnkey projects. Globally, we serve telecom, cable, DTH, TV stations, Network broadcasters, ad agencies, brand managers, publishers and content producers, event planners, and SME enterprises.

March 2013 marked NetStairs’® 13th anniversary. As an intelligent media delivery enabler™ with the collaboration of our technology partners such as Akamai®, Adobe®, Limelight Networks®, Microsoft®, Apple®, Real®, Google®, and other tier 1 cloud and data center suppliers, we empower our clients with the most seamless custom tailored on-stop-shop turnkey projects. As a boutique firm with a creative vision and a proven track record, we back our claims with a history of deliverables. To learn more about NetStairs, visit

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements which are not historical facts contained in this press release are forward looking statements that involve certain risks and uncertainties including but not limited to risks associated with the uncertainty of future financial results, additional financing requirements, development of new products, government approval processes, the impact of competitive products or pricing, technological changes, the effect of economic conditions and other uncertainties detailed in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.®, Inc.
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