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NETSTAIRS – Bonding World Closer in Real-Time

June 17, 2021

Have you ever thought, we will get locked in our homes for more than a year, without commuting to the workplace too? The global epidemic in 2020 has shown us the times we never imagined. A huge thanks to technological innovations that helped us to run our business processes remotely. The pandemic highlighted the need for innovation and advanced technological adoption for businesses. Today, if a business still running its processes with the traditional methods, it might be holding its growth back.

Cloud-based Real-Time Video Communications have risen as a messiah for businesses to run their day to day processes. Today, talents around the world are working remotely using their smart devices, connecting to meetings, and finishing their vital tasks in time. There’s a solid increase in interest in real-time video conferencing and streaming solutions that can provide enhanced connectivity from the workplace to the home and on the go.

The web-based broadcasting, collaboration, and communications sector have changed a ton with group video and live streaming. Some Real-Time video codec serving areas like E-learning, Media, and Information, Corporates are consistently looking for better quality and expanded transmission capacity to accelerate their growth in these pandemic times. Here we present you an end to the long-going quest for trustworthy and reliable video-based solutions for businesses.

NETSTAIRS is a solid-standing company that provides creative and cutting-edge video-based solutions for businesses in various verticals. The company mainly works on advanced media delivery, cloud infrastructure, platforms, and software as a service.

NETSTAIRS is a brainchild of a leader with a high-res futuristic vision, Mr. Ahmad Moradi. Established in 2000, with two decades of experience, hard and smart efforts of highly skilled professionals, and a passion to deliver something unique that lasts longer, NETSTAIRS has marked its firm footing in the video-based solutions sector across the globe.

The Company is experiencing an insatiable yearn for extended information move limit and better quality for Real-Time video codec serving organizations, for instance, governments, ventures distance learning, telehealth, banking, and corporate undertaking both for Intranet and Internet use are advising relationship for smooth advancement into HD quality and 5G frameworks.

NETSTAIRS creates an intuitive Broadcast, Collaboration, and Communications Platform as a Service. An iBCC-PaaS running on Interactive Content Delivery Network (iCDN), serving an assortment of customers throughout the globe including yet not restricted to serving Governments, Industries, Enterprise, Brands, Production Houses, TV Networks, Publishers, and Ad Agencies.

Spirituality for peace of mind is the crucial requirement of today’s hectic and speedy life.

Ahmed Moradi

NETSTAIRS’ Diversified plethora of offerings

NETSTAIRS’ unique and innovative solutions are cognitively ahead, more advanced, sophisticated, and easier to use than any other solutions in the space. Its video communication experience is more intuitive and proactively delivering the best cross-functional connectivity to the users.


iCDN infrastructure is a multi-cloud layer as a service that empowers existing CDN services such as AKAMAI, Level3, Limelight Networks connected with WebRTC delivery services.

NETSTAIRS engineers, designs, and builds tailor-made CAPEX & OPEX WebRTC & Real-Time video topology services over existing CDN. CDN providers could adapt and provide WebRTC Digital Media Rooms with minimum effort serving their clients through Mesh, SFU, and MCU topologies.


By connecting team members with intuitive video conference, broadcast, collaboration, and communications NETSTAIRS is the WebRTC video choice provider. NETSTAIRS’ mission is to enable rich, high-quality multi-cast RTC platforms to be developed for the browser, mobile platforms, and IoT devices, and allow them all to communicate via a common set of protocols. The future is Real-Time Communications.  NETSTAIRS provides ROI or carbon footprint cost-cutting driven best interactive WebRTC and video integration.


NETSTAIRS Digital Media Rooms and Digital Media Channels are ideal for staging and building brand loyalty. It is a powerful leapfrog as a corridor for event and promo advertising. With Guaranteed eyeball, time spent, & content share, iCPT is the perfect way to advertise your brand.  DMR & DMC build peer trusts as social media originally intended. Give away DMR at trade shows while hosting live events.  It could become a great value-differentiator.

DMR and DMC Channels deliver the most non-intrusive branded message face-to-face with peer engagement. DMR & DMC are made to bring real-time experience that could complement your online Social Ad, CPM, and KPI derivatives.


NETSTAIRS delivers creative and programming experience with a team of multi-cultural designers & developers who bring you extensive experience in Video and Real-Time Broadcasting, Collaboration & Communications as a Service.

NETSTAIRS team provides incredible creative solutions through highly motivated & qualified specialists with a focus on exceeding clients’ expectations time after time. They assists with integrated RTC services through the use of AI, Blockchain, IoE, Smart Cities, Workflow, Web services and gives new ways to enhance your online user experience.

NETSTAIRS provides integrated Interactive Broadcast, Collaboration & Communication solutions with the assured quality that helps their clients to fulfill their need for real-time group interaction.


PIXEL DMR or Digital Media Room(s) are made with pure HTML5 – designed to provide not one but many virtual rooms where could be customized for clients’ use with a variety of services serving governments, consumers, businesses, enterprises, industries, education, health, events, and media networks.


ZIMZIM by NETSTAIRS is made for 5G to take Broadcast, Collaboration & Communications to the Next Level. Using ZIMZIM real communication gets a new easier and more quality dimension. It lets you connect with family, friends, co-workers easily. With HD quality real-time streaming it gives a mesmerizing experience to the user. It is ideal for Secured Banking, Trade, Insurance, Finance, Mortgage, and more processes. ZIMZIM makes communication, collaboration, and broadcasting simple and easy.

Wall of OZ:

The Wall of OZ is a video wall containing several multi-cast video streams. The Video streams are placed together and are completely manageable in all shapes and sizes. Anyone can join the real stream on The Wall of OZ. One can invite guests using Facebook, YouTube or can keep the session private. The Wall of OZ is ideal for classrooms connecting teachers and students in real-time.  NETSTAIRS deliver verity of OZ wall in every size to any physical location. Their expert team helps clients with consulting and further services.

Interactive OTT:

NETSTAIRS provides unique solutions that help you to connect with the audience in real-time while broadcasting content. You can create real-time game shows and can interact with the audience in real-time. They say ‘Never watch TV & Content alone’.

The Key Achievements

Being a worldwide quality video streaming services provider, NETSTAIRS owns a huge name in the market. NETSTAIRS have a diverse client base experiencing unique real-time interaction experience within a team that is reflecting in the increased productivity. They have successfully served two decades to different clients like Governments, Political Parties, Industries, Enterprises, Entrepreneurs, Distance Education, Telecom, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, TV Networks, E-Commerce, Publishers, Production Houses, Brands, Healthcare and Health IT Services, Digital Studios and Agencies, Events and Event Managers, etc.

NETSTAIRS has served many brands making histories like BMW, Nivea, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Hilton, Mercedes Benz, Garnier, and many more.

  • Recognized as the company of the year 2019, by business connect.
  • Ranked 7 amongst the top 10 fastest growing media and entertainment companies by mirror review.
  • Recognized as one among the “10 Fastest-Growing Media & Entertainment Solution Providers to Watch in 2018” by The technology headlines.
  • Recognized as one among the “20 Most Promising Content Delivery Network Solution Providers 2016” by CIO Review.
  • 2016 Technology Innovation Award (UK and US) by CV Magazine.
  • Most Innovative Digital Media Infrastructure Company – USA & UK – Best Interactive Loyalty Card: iCPT
  • Hottest Florida Company Awarded by Lead411

Team NETSTAIRS believes, paying little heed to the condition of the digitized economy, businesses will require some type of constant or on-request video interchanges, joint effort, and broadcasting in the future. With iCPT, the organization wishes to assemble a real-time distribution engine, that will deliver guaranteed eyeball, time spent, and content sharing. At the foundation level, the organization expects to make iCDN, AI flexible. The organization’s objectives and achievements are to take a stab at a more noteworthy nature of video client experience.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Paul J. Meyer

The Driving Force

NETSTAIRS is a group of numerous creative, highly-skilled, and passionate professionals. Talents from different social foundations with comparable interests and enthusiasm for video innovation make the NETSTAIRS group remarkable. Everyone in the team is excited and consistently looking for cutting-edge innovations to help customers successfully to run their cycles easily. It’s not about the Ideas, it’s tied in with getting thoughts going and that can show just with the cooperation. The solid obligation of companionship and common trust between individuals at NETSTAIRS makes the workplace sound that mirrors the best outcomes.

At NETSTAIRS, they don’t compete with each other. As it is a diversified group of talents with various skill sets they always share knowledge among them, which assists them with enhancing, pioneer and prepare to stun the world out of the crate. A little thought or idea can have a gigantic effect thus at the NETSTAIRS there is respect for everybody’s view.

Ahmad Moradi – An innovative leader with a 360-degree futuristic vision

Ahmad Moradi is a name ahead in the video-based solutions across the globe. Since the early days of his career, he is energetic about video innovations and their components. All through his journey, he is honored to work with profoundly talented leaders throughout the globe, making interactive media object codes bringing innovation in imaging, capturing, sequencing, encoding, player, streaming, and building complex AI-based video algorithms.

While working in Silicon Valley Ahmad teamed up with UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) educators and assigned MBA understudies to make and unite with a couple of mathematicians, conveying outwardly lossless imaging calculations. After chipping away at DCT (DCT (discrete cosine transformation) theory and a mixture of wavelet hypotheses, he returned to South Florida in 2000 and began NETSTAIRS with spearheading and presenting Cybermercial video mail, a desktop email utility program.

While being dynamic in ICT, he follows Greek Philosophies, Zoroastrians, Bhagavat Purana, Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Torah, Zohar, Sufi, Rumi, and others old sacred writings.

While discussing the initiative he referenced that overseeing fear, singular malicious existences, self-questions, and challenges both at home and work is a piece of every human’s fight that impacts our regular daily existences. One should pick commendably. A pioneer should think about both at the more limited size and enormous scope level with commitments of his/her activities. Treating associates and companion organizations/accomplices with “Supreme Love” without predisposition urges all to raise.

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