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From NETSTAIRS Channel Partner WE2.VIDEO

September 30, 2020

The singer Xoel López and the Galician Symphony Orchestra have combined their styles this Saturday in A Coruña, in an unusual collaboration in which the group has put itself at the service of a musician for the first time pop to seduce in person a limited audience and telematically a virtual audience divided into interactive rooms.

The Coliseum of A Coruña, the hometown of both, has welcomed about 900 attendees sitting in the venue with safety distances and without removing their mask, following health measures to avoid coronavirus infections.

In order to accommodate a wider audience, the event has been broadcast, thanks to seven cameras, by streaming, with the peculiarity of becoming the first interactive concert in the world, since private virtual boxes have been set up in the that groups of 1, 2, 4 or 6 people have been able to interact with each other during the show, also seeing each other through their cameras.

“I always dreamed of having a symphony orchestra behind it,” said the vocalist at the beginning of the performance, when he added, visibly moved, that he had never imagined that this aspiration would be fulfilled in his “own” city “for the first time” .
Xoel López’s band and the 45 musicians from the OSG have covered songs with their lyrical skills as well known by the artist from A Coruña as “Tierra” or “Hombre de no parte”, which have penetrated with claw in an auditorium fused with applause.

The interactive rooms have been launched in collaboration with the We2Video platform, which seeks to provide the opportunity to participate in the live broadcast of the concert in the company of friends.

The system works like a video call, in which the viewer observes the recital and their friends with image and sound, whom they can minimize and silence at any time.

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