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1LegalCentral acquires worldwide distribution rights of NETSTAIRS’ technology for the legal market for $44M.

October 8, 2016

Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA – (1LegalCentral) – October 10th 2016 – 1LegalCentral Inc. (formerly known as XINA Corporation) today announced that the company executed an exclusive worldwide irrevocable Platform Technology License Agreement (PTLA) serving the public’s real-time legal needs  with NETSTAIRS.COM, INC. for consideration of $44M in cash and equity.

“We are extremely excited to bring 1LegalCentral to market. The service is designed to become a groundbreaking world legal market opportunity making 1LegalCentral the preferred destination for real-time legal advisory services – all at an affordable price. With much anticipation, and in collaboration with NETSTAIRS’ team of engineers, we will introduce the world’s first Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Legal Advisory Service in three languages -English, French and Spanish” said Enrique Mesones, CEO of 1LegalCentral Inc.

“Our vision is to introduce 1LegalCentral as pure HTML5 in most secured virtual venue settings helping public receive legal advice in real-time. Today’s world complexity comes with many rules and regulations. Public today struggles with many legal issues traversing across different judicial territories and systems. Legal mistakes could become costly.  1LegalCentral unveils a new and disruptive way assisting public with real-time legal advice by real attorneys anytime, anywhere. 1LegalCentral is designed to fill a void where legal opinion could serve the human population at large” said Cyril Moreau, COO of 1LegalCentral, Inc.

“As a practicing attorney in Paris, I work with many international and national clients.  1LegalCentral is designed by attorneys bringing real-time legal advisory services closer than ever to the public. Now clients can select and meet hired attorneys. They are able seek legal guidance when they feel they need one” said, Anne Bormans, Chief Legal Officer (CLO) of 1LegalCentral, Inc.

“Netstairs® a pioneer in real-time and interactive content delivery video ecosystems is truly excited and honored to be a part of the 1LegalCentral project. The management on both sides shares common business passion. Our goal is to deliver 1LegalCentral, Inc. an easy-to-use, consumer friendly, and state-of-the-art cloud service that would serve legal professions and public with silky and fluid real-time experience. We will build 1LegalCentral in partnership with Google® cloud computing services. With provisional availability in 150 countries, we will capitalize on Google’s Data Centers & its Fiber Optics where available. 1LegalCentral shall become the world’s first secured conduit in real-time communication services serving exclusively those who requires strict client-attorney privileged confidential sessions” said Ahmad Moradi, NETSTAIRS’ CEO.

About 1LegalCentral Inc.

1LegalCentral, Inc. (formerly XINA Corporation), a U.S. company, is investing to build, own and operate a global network of real-time peer-to-peer legal cloud services assisting attorneys, clients and public meeting in real-time and engage in secure settings where they are able to discuss confidential matters. With NETSTAIRS as our business angel, we plan to attract strategic and equity capital. We wish to become the leading worldwide real-time legal service provider around the globe. 1LegalCentral shall become the world’s first “Real-Time Peer-To-Peer destiny dedicated to legal services serving public with legal advisory services. We bring timely legal advice to public’s doorstep.

1LegalCentral, Inc.
Investor Relations & Sponsorship
Contact: Investor Relation Dept.
[email protected]

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