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Video Cloud Collaboration - NETSTAIRS

Welcome to NETSTAIRS Video Cloud Collaboration & Telepresence.

NETSTAIRS enables enterprises and institutions of any size to deploy and use video-first broadcast, communication, and collaboration. The Company’s portfolio of technologies ranges from hosted infrastructure, platform, and software as a service made to meet the needs of brands as real-time video cloud solutions.

Making Story


Once upon a time, there was text.  Then came voice.  Next, Internet and social media brought us together.  But more was needed.  So, messaging & video chat became the new norm. Yet, people wanted to collaborate and be together anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.  People liked to share public and private content with added privacy.  This is the story of NETSTAIRS. We bring peers together. As a result, we created Digital Media Channel (DMC) and Digital Media Room (DMR). Made for Group Video Broadcast and Conferencing.   

Beyond Video Conferencing

NETSTAIRS Digital Media Rooms (DMR) have become incredibly intelligent. In fact, It is ideal for real-time interaction and learning thing regardless of distance.  No matter how far, Digital Media Chanel (DMC) plugged into many DMRs connects peers together.  Therefore, group members could meet around the planet. Similarly, they adored becoming productive and more efficient.  Then, one day visionaries looked over DMC / DMR and said, we must have more DMRs for our people.  Therefore, they distributed more around the planet. This is a story about how one Digital Media Channel connected to many DMRs became a cloud service. Team members could now meet on-demand with their supply-chain. They were able to build a stronger collaboration while serving customers in real-time. Brands became real friends. Why? Because of the magic of video through PIXEL by NETSTAIRS could bring social networking in real-time together.  And that was a good business for the entire organization.

2020 Remote Work

For twenty (20) years NETSTAIRS.COM, INC, has been providing interactive video and WebRTC services to the world. We started in March 2000 with the vision to embrace video. The aim of our company has been to become the leading source of integrated on-demand and live video streaming services. Then we combined it with real-time collaboration, & communication as a service. Today we serve Broadcasters, Publishers, Telecom, Government, Enterprises, TV Networks, Advertisers, Fin-tech, Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small to Medium Businesses around the globe.

Within the tech industry, experts report that remote work is increasingly becoming the new normal. We found ourselves wondering about how the remote work landscape has changed in the last few years. So, we learned that AngelList in partnership with Buffer, surveyed over 3,500 remote workers and compiled one of the largest reports on remote work to date. They reported the “2020 State of Remote Work” that (a) 97% would recommend remote work to others, (b) 80% primarily work from home, (c) 32% say having a flexible schedule is the biggest benefit, (d) 20% cite loneliness & communication as their biggest struggle. In addition, NASA projects that by 2025, 80% of the world will be on some form of “TELE”. In short, NETSTAIRS helps you to drive towards a video-first communications as strategy.

Next Gen Video-First Cloud as a Service

Although most first time users resort to one-size-shoe fits all video conferencing services, NETSTAIRS brings the next level of real-time evolution to life. Through own branded video-first cloud services, we build Enterprise and Ecosystems. In fact, we have been assisting companies to modernize their real-time cloud communications beyond popular video conferencing services. With added privacy and security as the hallmark of our services, we bring remote work closer. We pride ourselves to be a client-centric solution provider enabling our clients and channel partners to empower users with a greater experience. We achieve our goals by reducing corporate carbon footprint while defining higher monetization matrix through managements’ own vision, mission, goals and objectives.

NETSTAIRS’s backbone comes with AI and Machine Learning.

Transport Network has been configured in multiple ‘Self-Healing’ topology. In partnership with Google, our cloud architectures comes as Mesh, Selective Forwarding Unit, and Multipoint Conferencing Unit. It may be supported with optional redundancy. As a result, by automatically redirecting and switching traffic from failed/ degraded routes for an uninterrupted service, we ensure maximum up time and service reliability. Moreover, the network supports onion-layer of security protection schemes to expansive concurrent containers that could grow as needs grow. More importantly, the network has been designed in such a way that provisions for full redundancy is available for bandwidth for multi points.

NETSTAIRS - Video Cloud Collaboration

To learn more about NETSTAIRS Video-First Cloud Collaboration & Telepresence, click here.